Back Where She Belongs

Back Where She Belongs
Harlequin Superromance
March 2013
ISBN-13: 978-0373718412

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Sometimes you can go home again…

As the black sheep of her family, Tara Wharton has done her best to stay away.

That is until a car accident has a tragic impact on her family. Now she’s back in town and looking for answers. And her quest reunites her with Dylan Ryland, her high school sweetheart.

Dylan is just as gorgeous now as he was then. She’s so tempted to resurrect what they had, but the issues that drove them apart haven’t gone away—especially the animosity between their families. Yet Dylan seems determined to get past the obstacles, even as her quest reveals secrets that change everything. Because maybe with him she’s exactly where she belongs.

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“Do you ever wonder what might have happened with us?” Tara couldn’t stop herself from saying it. Her emotions were too stirred up to hold back. And she was with someone who truly knew her.

“All the time,” Dylan said hoarsely.

And that was that. As if someone had shot a starting gun, they lunged for each other and kissed.

Dylan’s lips tasted smoky and sweet and like Dylan, the way he used to taste. He rose and so did she. Their chairs hit the tile with twin bangs and they slammed their bodies together, arms wrapped tight. The kiss seemed to touch off a bonfire that roared through her. Everything faded except Dylan’s mouth, his arms, his chest pressed against her breasts, his hips against hers, his hardness insistent against her stomach. She ached and ached, her body desperate for his.


“After a car accident kills her father and puts her sister in a coma, business consultant Tara Wharton comes home to help the family company. She reconnects with Dylan Ryland, the boy she loved and who she always believed abandoned her when he chose to help his father run their company rather than go to college with Tara. But with Dylan helping her figure out what caused the accident that devastated her family, Tara soon realizes she’s not as over him as she thought she was.

The secondary mystery adds to the nicely complex plot, and Atkins’ skillful dialogue helps the story flow seamlessly.”

-RT, 4.5 STARS

Back Where She Belongs by Dawn Atkins is a reunion romance that will leave an impression on your heart. This book is full of romance, mystery and intrigue. You will be kept spellbound and glued to your seat as you read! Dawn Atkins has written an emotionally tense story. Her characters will work their way into your heart and they won’t let go. The mysterious accident adds to the plot and keeps you guessing all the way to the end. This is the perfect book to curl up with for a night of reading pleasure!

4 HEARTS, Harlequin Junkie