His Brother’s Keeper

hisbrotherskeeperHQHIS BROTHER’S KEEPER

Harlequin SuperRomance
ISBN 0373717539
January 2012

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Common ground…uncommon attraction

Maybe Gabe Cassidy couldn’t save his brother, but he can save others like him. Which is why Gabe has dedicated himself toa program that keeps kids off the streets.

So it doesn’t make sense that he’s at odds with Felicity Spencer–the hot porincipal who’s as committed to these kids as he is. It’s true that her adolescent connection to his late brother adds a layer of tension to their interactions. And it’s also true that the attraction between them adds a completely different kind of tension. One that’s getting harder to ignore.

When they do manage to work together, they’re phenomenal. And when they finally give in to the chemistry, Gabe recognizes that this relationship could be bigger than both of them.


Gabe caught her before she hit the ground. He had a clear view to her bra, Felicity realized, glad she’d worn the black one.

She looked up at him, close enough for a kiss. She was vividly aware of his strength, the muscles beneath his brown skin, his intense eyes. He was all man and he had her in his power. He could crush her, snap her bones, but she knew he would never let her come to harm.

Her dress had ridden up on her thigh, but she had no urge to pull it down. She wanted him to see, wanted him to hike it higher.

He was staring at her mouth now. He leaned down and kissed her.

A charge shot through her, waking up every cell. She felt Gabe fighting to be gentle, holding back. He shifted his mouth, sliding his tongue to graze hers, the contact so thrilling, she made a needly sound that should have embarrassed her, but didn’t.

He groaned, sounding as desperate as she felt. Felicity couldn’t believe this was happening to her. This amazing man was as hot for her as she was for him.

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“When Felicity Spencer begins her new job as magnet school principal, she reconnects with Gabe Cassidy, older brother of her high school boyfriend whose gang activity led to his death. Gabe’s running a martial arts gym out of her school, and Felicity wants the space for an after-school program. At first, Gabe’s still angry over Felicity’s abandonment of his brother, and over her decision to eventually close his school, but the two soon find themselves working together and unable to resist each other. This is a well-written story with lots of great chemistry.”
Romantic Times Book Club, 4 STARS