Home to Harmony

hometoharmonyHOME TO HARMONY
Harlequin SuperRomance
ISBN 0373716834
January 2011

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What is this? The 60s?

The era of protests, love and communal living has past. So when Christine Waters falls for one of the guests at her mother’s commune, she wonders if she’s stepped into a parallel universe.

Sure, Dr. Marcus Barnard’s steady logic is a delectable counterpoint to Christine’s energetic, do-it-now personality. But is there room in her life for a sizzling romance? Between helping her prickly mother recover and keeping her teenage son from going off the rails, indulging in Marcus seems, well, indulgent.

Maybe the magic of that long ago time still lingers at Harmony House. Because as Christine works to update the place and mend relationships, a vision of her future emerges. One that has more than enough room for a certain doctor.


Marcus pressed his lips softly against hers

Desire built inside Christine, like a wave slamming again and again. She could feel how much Marcus wanted her, too, could sense his struggle and she was so aroused she felt like she’d levitated.

He put his arms around her and pulled her against his chest, inundating her with the delicious smell of cologne mixed with sun-dried cotton. His fingers pressed into her back, kneading her muscles, starting up a trembling in them both.

He broke off the kiss. “Christine,” he whispered near her ear as if he’d been dying for this moment. He pressed her face against his. He kissed the side of her neck, tucking his hand beneath her hair to cradle her head.

Oh, she wanted this. Needed it. His arms around her, his desire obvious, his struggle for restraint obvious in the tension and quiver of his every muscle.

A white-hot ribbon of desire twisted through her body. She wanted more, much more burying his mouth in her neck. “I want us to try.”

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“Atkins combines a great use of description with well-drawn characters for an interesting read.”
Romantic Times Book Club, FOUR STARS