The Baby Connection

babyconnectionHarlequin SuperRomance
ISBN 0373717296
September 2011

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He’s a real game-changer…

No better way to kick off her career than a fabulous weekend with a rock-star journalist! When Melody “Mel” Ramirez and Noah Stone part ways after those intense days, she knows nothing will stop her rise to the top as a news photographer.

Nothing except a positive pregnancy test. Suddenly, Mel trades chasing breaking news with the routines of a single mom.

Then Noah reappears. None of the intensity from that weekend has gone away. If anything, their attraction is stronger, thanks to the son they share. But is Noah ready to downsize his career for a family? As easy as it is for Mel and Noah to be together, being a parent isn’t so easy. And if Noah stays, she wants him for good!

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Need poured through Noah.

He kissed Mel and felt her instant response. She grabbed the back of his neck and yanked him tighter against her. He smiled against her mouth. Mel didn’t do things halfway. Intense. The way it had been two years ago, the two of them connected. Career and ambition had been the bond then. And now? What tied them now?

An accident on both their parts, but a person had resulted. Daniel. And that changed everything.

Suddenly, Mel sat up and straightened her shirt. “I guess that’s the same,” she said.

“Yeah.” He watched her face, a million thoughts in his head.

“But we’re not,” she said, biting her lip.

“No.” He was far from the man he’d been. She was weighed down, too, but in a good way, by the child who was her whole world.

“I wish we could go back,” she said. “I do.” She touched his face, desire sparking in her eyes for a moment. “But we can’t.”

“I guess not.”

“Then go, Noah,” she said softly. “Get on with your life and we’ll get on with ours. Sometimes the right thing to do is to walk away.”