The New Hope Cafe

9780373718092THE NEW HOPE CAFE
Harlequin SuperRomance
ISBN 0373718098
October 2012

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Welcome to New Hope, AZ

New Hope? Not from where Cara Price is standing. Miles from her destination, a car that won’t run and a daughter she can protect only by moving, lingering in this town is not on Cara’s plan. And the harder she pushes to leave, the more things conspire to prevent that. There’s the slow mechanic…there’s the café in need of a waitress… there’s its owner in need of a friend. There’s also the very tempting Jonah Gold. Cara’s plan is all about survival with no room for romance. Yet, Jonah’s charm and the easy way they work together has her wanting to make space for him. The promise of what they share is so different from the life she’s escaping. Maybe this café, this town and Jonah are all the hope she needs!


“On the run from her abusive ex-husband Barrett, who is about to be released from prison, Cara Price and her young daughter, Beth Ann, end up stranded in a town called New Hope, where Cara is forced to take a job at The Comfort Cafe in order to earn enough money to fix her car. Working with Jonah Gold, nephew of the café’s owner, Rosie, means a lot of time spent in close proximity to the sexy cook — and Jonah figures out, quickly, that Cara’s hiding something. While the two have very little time to build a relationship, it’s Jonah who helps rescue Cara and Beth Ann when Cara’s ex shows up and kidnaps them both. The presence of Cara’s abusive ex-husband adds a dose of tension to this well-written tale about finding love when you least expect it.”
Romantic Times Book Club, 4 STARS

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