At Her Beck and Call

athisbeckandcallcoverHarlequin Blaze
ISBN 0373793103
February 2007

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He may be the boss, but she’s definitely in charge!

Former stripper Autumn Beshkin is an urban girl eyeing a new profession. To climb this career ladder she’s keeping her clothes on and taking an accounting job. Small-town living isn’t as exciting as she’s used to, but it’s only temporary. Then she meets her sexy new boss, Mayor Mike Fields. The attraction between them steams up the office and suddenly her visit here promises hedonistic pleasure.

Luring the conservative mayor into some not-so-mayoral activities isn’t difficult for a woman of Autumn’s talents. And the results are sizzling! But just as she’s eyeing the exit ramp out of town, Mike suggests turning this fling into a commitment. Is he—and his traditional town—really ready for the uncut version of Autumn?


Would it all come down to this—their lust exploding on the 18th hole?

“So you aim out there?”Autumn squinted out into the darkness. “Too bad we don’t have a club and some balls…”

“We can’t see where we hit.”Mike stepped closer, enough that she could feel the heat of his body.

“So what? Just let it fly.”Out here under the wide star-scattered sky, she felt so free. Anything seemed possible. “I bet I could hit a hole in one in the dark.”

“You know what? I just bet you could.”

The breeze lifted her hair, snagging a strand on her lip.

He brushed it away with gentle fingers, taking care of her the way he took care of the town and his brother. She felt the sensation of his touch for long seconds. His diamond-chocolate eyes glittered at her, wanting her. He tilted his face, leaned in. He wanted to kiss her.

And she wanted more than just his kiss…

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“Appealing characters, hot sex and a lively plot make this a good book.”
– Romantic Times Book Club

“At Her Beck and Call will run the reader through many different emotions – laughter, desire, sorrow and admiration…. Hop on for the ride as Autumn and Mike learn that with love,
anything is possible. A+ job for Dawn Atkins.”
– CataRomance