At His Fingertips

athisfingertipsAT HIS FINGERTIPS
Harlequin Blaze
ISBN 0373793227
April 2007

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Sparks sizzle when the past meets the present!

The same psychic prediction three times is definitely a sign. Even though Esmeralda McElroy is ready to reunite with a man from her past, she doesn’t expect Mitch Margolin to be him. Mitch is no longer the sexy musician who once caught her eye. Now he’s a conservative, buttoned-down—hot—guy. So not her type.

Still, the steamy way they connect between the sheets is making her see stars. The tricks he does with his fingers are sinful! But out of bed their different views collide. Does that mean he’s Mr. Wrong? Is she tempting fate by continuing to sleep with him? Where is that crystal ball when she needs it?

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Esmie took a bite of fruit, the juice glimmering on her lips

Mitch stared at the drop. It was right…there. He could just lick it off. It would be a favor….

As he silently debated precisely how she would taste, her gaze suddenly jerked upward.

“Oh! Look! There!”She pointed and he managed to catch the fading wisp of a falling star.

The sight of her lips parted with excitement, did something to him. Made his heart pound and his blood take a fast trip south. He felt full of wild urges he had to act on or he’d explode.

He had to kiss her.

He leaned over the table, his chair creaking under the strain, cupped the back of her head and pressed his lips to hers.

Like a match rasping across the phosphorus strip, he felt an explosive heat, sharp, bright and hot. Hell, he felt like a star shooting across the sky above them.

All he wanted was more.


“At His Fingertips is a thoroughly compelling story with a great heroine who deserves all her happiness.”- 4 Stars, Romantic Times Book Club

“Whimsical, witty and fun, ‘At Her Fingertips’ will capture you as you devour their story. Dawn Atkins proves once again that she is a master at her craft.”- Cataromance, 4 ½ stars