Don’t Tempt Me

don'ttemptmecoverDON’T TEMPT ME

Harlequin Blaze

ISBN 0373792573

May 2006

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Fantasy #1 — Living out her every erotic desire…

Boudoir photographer Samantha Sawyer is seeking the perfect guy to help her with a little project—one that involves willing captives. Or experimenting with edible goodies. Or… The tricky part is that the fuzzy face of her dream-man has morphed into that of her new assistant, Rick West—whose gaze tends to make Samantha spontaneously combust.

But Rick forces himself to walk away, just as Samantha’s about to draw him in. She’s actually part of an undercover assignment, and partaking in her erotic world—enticing as it is—only makes his deception worse. Because once he’s tempted, there’s no going back…
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“Samantha Sawyer takes boudoir photos. It’s more than just a job for her, because she feels the images help couples rekindle passion as they remember the way things used to be. She bases the settings on her sexual fantasies, which she hopes to someday act out. When Rick West comes looking for a job as her assistant, he becomes her fantasy man. But the truth about who Rick really is might break Samantha’s heart–or get her killed. Don’t Tempt Me, by Dawn Atkins, has a heroine who’s easy to love and a hero who’s easy to lust after. The story twists with mystery and fun.”

– 4 ½ STARS, Romantic Times Book Club


“Haven’t you ever been swept away?”

Samantha asked Rick the question as they walked through the mall. She asked about something the massage therapist had said, but then realized too late how provocative it sounded.

“Not on a massage table,” he said in a tone that made her heart pound.

“I know what you mean,” she said, though she really didn’t. She’d never been that lost in a physical moment. She wanted to be. With Rick. Forgetting everything but him and what he was doing to her.

She sighed as they stopped outside a lingerie shop, its display windows holding naked mannequins. For a moment they stood staring at the naked women with their plaster hips thrust provocatively forward, fingers extended, inviting, teasing. In her mind, she saw Rick staring at her instead of them, sliding his hot, green gaze over every inch of her naked body.

“I’d ask what you’re thinking, but I bet I’m better off not knowing,” he said, his voice low.

She turned to him. I’m thinking, You…me…naked…now.