Going To Extremes

GoingtoextremesGOING TO EXTREMES

Harlequin Blaze
ISBN 0373791801
March 2005

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They have a steamy secret to keep.

Kathleen Valentine and Dan McAlister are on a promotional tour for their very different viewpoints—she’s a sensualist and he’s a moderate. Everyone thinks they’re strangers, but the hot chemistry between them is the lingering effect of their long-ago affair…the one they’re tempted to rekindle. And when these two extremes meet, the result is explosive!


He was a professional therapist, he could handle this.

As Dan waited for Kathleen to finish her shower, he tried to ignore how much this seemed like old times. Waiting heightens the intensity, she used to say about sex. She would slow down, pull away, make him wait until he was nothing but pounding lust, his focus narrowed to her breasts, her mouth, her moans, her softness, being inside her…all the way.

Relax. Settle down, he coached himself, squeezing his eyes shut tightly. This tour wasn’t about their secret past. It was about promoting his book, showing the world that moderation and balance worked.


He jerked open his eyes and saw Kathleen. Naked. Dripping wet.

Heat and ice washed over him at the sight of her body, just as she had appeared in so many guilty dreams. He turned away quickly, but he’d caught it all…every sexy inch of her. Desire spiked in him and the only thought running through his head was how much he wanted her.

There was no way he could handle this!

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“GOING TO EXTREMES by Dawn Atkins is a funny, sexy book with wonderful characters. Kathleen and Daniel are both engaging and prove that opposites do attract.”
– Romantic Times, 4 ½ STARS, TOP PICK!

“This novel sizzles with the sexual tension between these two characters. Their heated conversations, spiced with the influence of their past unresolved relationship, heats up the reader’s expectations of sexual intimacy in a delightful way. This all comes together to make this story one of the best, well-written category romances that I have ever read….Dawn Atkins ought to be very pleased with this terrific, clever novel. Dan and Kathleen are believable and unforgettable characters. You don’t want to miss this book!”
– Romance Readers Connection, 4 1/2 plugs!