Her Sexiest Surprise



Harlequin Blaze

November 2008

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One wild birthday night

All Chloe Baxter wants for her birthday is one kiss from hottie Riley Connelly. She gets that and the most amazing one-night stand of her life. Sex with Riley is beyond spectacular. But when morning comes, she’s resigned to returning to real life.

Except that for Chloe, real life has gotten complicated. Her big job promotion has landed her in the middle of Riley’s undercover investigation. Worse, he wants her to spy on her employers. Can she betray the people she cares about for a man she can’t keep her hands off? And if survival means choosing between her head and her heart, Chloe’s not sure which one will hurt worse if she loses it.

Barnes & Noble Amazon


If she didn’t act now, she’d regret it

Chloe steadied her gaze on Riley, his smile broader with each step she took toward him. She stopped iunches away.

“Hello there,” he said softly.

It’s my birthday. And when I blew out my candles I promised myself the next time you walked in here, I would…” She trailed off.

He looked her over, slow and easy. Every place his gaze touched came alive to him. Then he kissed her.

She wanted more. She wanted this. She wanted it all. The new Chloe was going to kiss this man until she was finished with him. Kiss him and then some.

When she slid against him, he groaned and his eyes lit with fire. He grabbed her backside to stop her movements.

“This could get hot fast, Chloe.”

“Exactly what I had in mind,” she said, thrilled by her boldness.

You sure this is what you want?” he asked.

This is my birthday. And this is my wish,” she said. “Take me to bed.”


“So many undercurrents made Her Sexiest Surprise a wonder to read with the end result unexpected. Dawn Atkins is a master at mixing passion and danger, betrayal and love to produce a book that will have you turning the pages as fast as you can to see what happens next. Her Sexiest Surprise will leave us as hot and bothered as Chloe and Riley.” –Cataromance Review