Letting Go


An Erotic novella
published by Daphne Atkeson

Jessica Miller and Russ Windham are arch rivals at their law firm until late one night in the office when Russ catches Jess reacting to the arousing sight of a couple making love on a nearby balcony. In the heat of the moment, the two begin to make love. Russ is slow and sensual and Jess can’t believe how aroused she is…until she tenses up. Jessica has an impossible time letting go.Patient and passionate Russ will not be denied, gradually breaking down Jess’s defenses and helping her take sexual chances with him. They try to limit their relationship to sex, but they slip into love. Then Jess believes Russ has sabotaged her at work and breaks up with him.


A chance encounter with the woman from the terrace couple, who reveals that despite their arguments, the two are deeply in love, reminds Jessica that love means risk and she reunites with Russ, determined to let go of her doubts and trust in their love.