No Stopping Now

nostoppingnowNO STOPPING NOW

Harlequin Blaze
ISBN 0373793952
April 2008

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Be careful what you lust for

Where is the infamous Doctor Nite when she needs him? Sure, Brody Donegan acts the obnoxious cable show host when documentary maker Jillian James shines the camera on him. When the lights go off, however, it’s the man behind the persona that has her libido working overtime. And once she’s had a taste of the real Brody, there is no stopping this fling.

But she’s promised a network the exclusive on Doctor Nite in her film about bad-for-you bachelors. And the more time she spends in Brody’s bed, the more she doubts how bad he is for her. Can she capture that footage…and keep the man?


“I’m not hitting on you.”

Brody grinned. “Not yet, anyway.”

At the expression on his face Jillian’s body responded, warming, as automatic as a reflex.

“The point is that this job kills relationships. We’re on the road, out all night, always in a crowd, surrounded by people looking to get laid. It can get wild.”

“It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it?”

“You got it.” His eyebrows lifted as if her joke had surprised him. She was coming off too serious, she realized, no doubt a strike against her.

“I don’t have a boyfriend, so that’s no problem. Neither is the travel or the hours or whatever it takes. I’ll work hard. I’ll be what you need.”

“And what do you think I need?”

There was heat in his words, something sexy and intimate that caught her short. Something that made her think of bodies entwining on twisted sheets.

“Me,” she blurted. “You need me.”

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