Simply Sex

SimplySexcoverSIMPLY SEX

Harlequin Blaze
ISBN 0373792093
September 2005

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With these two, sex is anything but simple

When Kylie Falls agrees to a last-minute date with one of her sister’s clients, she’d never have guessed that a man in need of matchmaking services would be as deliciously hot as Cole Sullivan. Too bad she’s soon on her way out of town for a bigger and better career. Of course, she does have a few weeks and he seems more than open to a brief fling.

They both agree their insatiable appetite for each other is temporary—the result of too much work and not enough fun. Except that the more time they steal from their schedules to meet between the sheets, the tighter the sexual tension gets. And with Kylie’s departure looming, Cole makes her an offer she knows she should refuse…even though she’s tempted to accept.


Kylie reassured herself as she knocked on Cole’s door. They had business to conduct, so their lust would take a backseat. Work first, play later.

Then Cole opened the door and she melted like chocolate in a warm fist. “Hi,” she whispered, ready to drop her briefcase and dive into him.

His face lit with joy, but he stepped back to let her in instead of grabbing her into his arms.

“Maybe we should rethink what we’re doing,” Cole said.

Oh no. If he got sensible, she was sunk. She so needed another night with him, making love, feeling that release, not to mention discussing her projects. She had to reason with him.

“We’re getting carried away, right? I know. But I have the solution. We work first.” Kylie threw her briefcase on the table, struggling to get it open. She’d crammed so much into it, the clasp was stuck.

Suddenly, it sprang open, spewing items: a file, a notepad, her toothbrush, her sexy lingerie and two packets of honey, similar to the ones they’d made sexy use of the other night.

Cole picked up one packet and a slow smile spread across his face. “You had something in mind?”

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“Dawn Atkins gives us two romances for the price of one…Atkins skillfully weaves together the two stories. All four characters are well developed and grow as the story evolves.”
– Romantic Times Book Club, 4 Stars

“What do you get when you mix two sisters, hot men and a dating service? A highly sexual – fun and entertaining book called Simply Sex!…Author Dawn Atkins’ style is sharp-tongued, sexually arousing and is written with a very skilled pen! There was not a moment that this reader lost contact with the characters or their provocative world. This story was touching, fast-paced, with a fresh premise that took this reader by storm! This has to be one of the hottest Blaze stories this reader has ever read, and she has read quite a few! Well done, Ms. Atkins, you nailed this one!”
– A Romance Review, 5 Roses

“SIMPLY SEX is a fast-paced, fun and thought provoking book that will be enjoyed by all believers in the importance and place of love in our lives.”
– Romance Reviews Today