Still Irresistible

Harlequin Blaze
ISBN 0373794606
March 2009

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Danger: rugged, hot, uninhibited cowboy ahead

Rescuing the family ranch is the only reason Callie Cummings is home. To do that she must face the most infuriating–yet irresistible–man on the planet!

Years ago, she had an unforgettable fling with Declan O’Neill. And, oh my, can he still fill out a pair of jeans. Watching him strut across a corral is like waving a red flag. With that kind of enticement, how can Callie not be head over heels in lust with Deck again?

Steamy sex aside, Callie’s visit is strictly temporary. Nothing–and no one–can keep her from her big-city life. But if that’s really true, why are thoughts of her and Deck riding into the sunset so tempting?


They knew exactly what they wanted from each other.

Deck pulled Callie close and kissed her. Heat and relief surged through him. It was the same and different at once. Familiar and new. Just as strong, but more certain.

How the hell had this happened? Deck was foggy on exactly what had led to him holding Caalie in his arms, taking her soft mouth, but he wasn’t sorry. He’d started it. He knew that. Something about seeing her again, the past so fresh between them.

He’d meant to comfort her, but had lost control, and now her breasts were pressed against his chest, his cock was hard against her belly, and her sweet tongue was in hot pursuit of his own.

He took her ass in both hands, yanking her tight against him. She moaned, trembling as she had all those years ago, but she wrapped her legs around his waist, telling him what she wanted.

He felt the hot drive to be inside her, making her come, coming himself.

“Deck,” she said, pulling back. “What are we doing?”

He tried to halt the free fall. “You want to stop?”

Maybe we should.” She bit her lip, shivered. “But I don’t want to.”

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“Dawn Atkins has penned a novel filled with emotion and pain from loss. She handles it beautifully by showing that loss is always there but it does not have to cripple. Callie and Deck learned to heal together as they find each other Still Irresistible. The very talented Dawn Atkins has penned a novel filled with poignancy and remembrances that will deeply touch the reader.”
– CataRomance Reviews

“This is an entertaining and quick read. The two main characters have some sizzling chemistry between them. The love scenes are well done and sensual. The plot itself is loaded with suspense and action and a very devious villain. I enjoyed both the love story and the author’s gift for describing complicated feelings and relationships. This is a very good story that fans of contemporary romance are definitely going to enjoy.”
– Coffee Time Romance