Swept Away

sweptawaySWEPT AWAY

Harlequin Blaze
ISBN 0373793529
September 2007

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Work hard, play hard

That’s Candy Calder’s motto. Even so, she never thought impressing her boss–hottie Matt Rockwell–would mean playing harder than ever! Instead of wowing him by working at the beach, they’re hitting a sexy festival exploring the subtleties of networking.

Worse, Matt’s steamy looks are so tempting she can’t keep her hands off him. Sex with the boss is not the way to get promoted, so she makes him swear their fun in the sun will end with the holiday. But, come Monday, will she be able to put this wild fling behind them?

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Matt wanted Candy…now!

Forget his good sense, forget his career, his duty. Forget everything but this moment and Candy standing in the doorway, sensuous and tempting. She wore a white bikini top and, below, a tiny triangle of black cloth with a red X over the words “Marks the Spot” in lacy script.

X marks the spot. Yeah. The spot he’d touched just last night and made her moan with pleasure. He wanted to be there again. He wanted to surprise her, please her, make her scream.

Lust surged through him in a wave that threatened to drown him if he didn’t go along for the ride. And he was suddenly sick of frustration. He’d had it with fighting the flames. Time to put out the fire.

“You ready to do this? she asked, walking closer.

“Oh, yeah,” he breathed. “I’m ready.”


“Extremely fun and sexy, Swept Away sparkles with humor, heartwarming characters and nonstop action.”
– 4 1/2 stars, Romantic Times Magazine, TOP PICK