Tease Me

Harlequin Blaze
ISBN 0373792182
November 2005

It’s sizzle at first sight for Jackson McCall when Heidi Fields shows up on his doorstep. There’s something irresistible about her that he’d love to explore. Too bad she’s had a recent run of bad luck and needs his help more than his sexual moves. Or does she?

Because Jackson would swear his new roommate is trying to seduce him. Her teasing is so good, he’s struggling to remember that he’s supposed to help her. But when she dangles a no-strings fling in front of him, she pushes him over the edge. Tangling under the covers with Heidi is too hot to stop. Can he persuade her to stay a little longer?

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“I like you, too, Heidi.”

Heidi’s gaze shifted at Jackson’s words, became deeper, sharper, hotter. “But you don’t like me that way?”

He felt his jaw go slack. How could she not know how he felt? The evidence was clear. He could fix her doubt with one kiss, right now. Just a taste. A feeling swept over him, an eager hunger that made him feel surprisingly alive. He pulled her close and kissed her. She moaned and wrapped herself around him, kissing back eagerly.

Slow down, keep it short, just enough to reassure her, he kept telling himself, while he let the kiss go on and on and on and on. His hands itched to touch her in secret places.

She made a needy sound that threatened to push him over the edge. If they kept this up, he’d start ripping off her clothes–and they were sitting in the convertible in the driveway, the traffic a white-noise roar that made this seem like a hot dream.

Catching the tail end of his sense before it slipped away, he pushed back, holding her by the upper arms. “I think that’s enough.” His voice felt shaky and he knew he was holding on by a thread.

“Oh, no. That’s not even close to enough.”

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“TEASE ME by Dawn Atkins has a wonderful heroine who grows throughout the story. Heidi makes mistakes but comes back to improve not only her life, but also those of the people around her. The eccentric and heartwarming secondary characters add to the enjoyment.”
– Romantic Times Book Club, 4 Stars

“Dawn Atkins has gifted us with a novel about two people who are lost and need direction. With laughter, tears and sensual, hot loving, Tease Me will tug at your heart and your emotions…. Heidi and Jackson are really loveable. Heidi’s innocence combined with Jackson’s laid back attitude made this book a really fantastic read. Thinking of hair dressing will never be the same for me after reading some of these scenes. From laugh out loud scenes to tender and poignant scenes with some really hot loving thrown in makes Tease Me a true keeper for me.
Kudos to Dawn Atkins on a fantastic job.”
– CataRomance