Very Truly Sexy

VeryTrulySexycoverVERY TRULY SEXY
Harlequin Blaze
ISBN 0373791593
October 2004

She needs a crash course in sexy

Being out of circulation is not the end of the world—it is, however, the kiss of death when you’re an aspiring sex columnist. For Beth Phillips, who’s not used to letting down her hair, turning the heat up is going to take lot of hands-on experience.

She’s off to a sizzling start her first attempt when she meets AJ, a mouth-watering guy who leaves her with a tell-tale glow and no doubt that her dry spell is done. After their steamy night together, she knows what it is to be very truly sexy. Too bad distance separates them and there will be no repeat performances. Until he shows up at her door, that is!

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“Try this.” AJ handed his scotch to Beth.

She took a swallow, but it was too strong and she choked.

He patted her back. “You okay? I didn’t mean to shock you.”

She nodded, gasping for air. “F-fine.”

“You like people to be direct, right? To say what they mean?”


“Okay. I want to take you to bed, Beth.”

Her entire body went electric. She couldn’t believe her luck. She’d not only met a hot man in a bar, but not fifteen minutes into the conversation, he’d asked her to sleep with him. She’d stepped into some magic wish-fulfillment time warp. The Em Zone. Maybe the universe wanted her to keep her column.

“Beth?” AJ said. “You okay?”

“Yes, oh yes. Very.”

“So, are you interested?” His eyes flared with heat.

Even though she hadn’t even dreamed she’d get this far, she’d come prepared. At Sara’s suggestion, she had a pre-pasted travel toothbrush and a selection of condoms–ribbed, flavored and ultra-thin–in her handbag.

Even more amazing, she did want this man with his intense eyes and easy smile, square jaw and warm hands. Her whole body lifted with the pleasurable possibility of being with him. It wasn’t because of her sex column or Sara’s challenge, either. She just wanted him. From somewhere deep inside, where she wasn’t nervous or embarrassed or clumsy. Where she knew what she wanted and why and exactly how to get it.

But could she do it? It could be a disaster. Awkward and awful. Or it could be heaven.

“If this isn’t a good time, don’t feel pressured,” AJ said, seeming to pick up her doubts. “I’m just telling you that I’m available.

“That’s kind of you.”

“It’s all true.”

How could she pass up a man like this? A chance like this? She wasn’t a coward or a quitter. She was going for it, dammit.

“Actually, AJ, I think I am interested. I would like to, um, go to, uh, bed with you. I think.” Her face flamed.

“You sound like you just accepted a dangerous assignment.” His eyes twinkled at her, inviting her to loosen up.

“Like I said, I haven’t dated in a while…and meeting a man like this and…pursuing something so fast…well…it’s just…. So I guess now we should go up to your room?”

AJ covered both her hands with his, his hot palms suffusing her with warmth, and met her gaze. “Let’s finish our drinks, talk a little more, then see what we feel like.”

“But you think we’ll feel like going upstairs?” She liked to have a plan.

He considered her question in mock seriousness. “Maybe we’d better be certain.” He came to sit beside her on the banquette, took her face in his palms and kissed her, pressing his lips to hers gently, taking his time. He touched the seam of her lips with the tip of his tongue. Just a friendly coax. I’m here with more if you want.

She moved her tongue to barely touch his, relishing the taste and softness. Her sex began a steady pulse that made her want to squirm. A shudder passed through her body and she closed her eyes. This man understood the pleasures of a good kiss. After a delicious minute, he released her. “Well? Think we’re going to want to go upstairs later?”

She slowly opened her eyes. Was he kidding? She was melting like a frozen margarita on a tongue. “Uh-hm,” she managed. “How about now?”

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“From the real-life heartthrob on the cover to the smokin’ hot romance inside, Very Truly Sexy is all that readers expect in a Blaze, and more… Author Dawn Atkins knows just how to set the mood between these two unlikely lovers. Very Truly Sexy is not all about the passion, although there is plenty to go around. There are other important issues and they are addressed with a memorable storyline….Even the more typical elements of the plot are treated with interesting angles that make this book a pleasure to read and recommend.”
– A Romance Review (4 roses)

“This latest book by Dawn Atkins, a charming romance, is very much enhanced by the Blaze Cover Model Winner… This is an absolutely charming book, one of the best that Dawn Atkins has ever written (and I’ve read almost all of her previous offerings!). I felt like I really knew these characters and understood them, their motivations, and their hang-ups. The sexual tension in the book was terrific and it was fun to read about the sensual explorations of these two characters.”
– Romance Readers Connection (4 ½ plugs)