Anchor That Man!

img039Harlequin Duets
ISBN 0373441436
June 2002

Renata Rose is supposed to help couples find happily ever after . not make them crash their love boats on the rocks of love! But she’s lost her belief in marriage, jeopardizing her job hosting a TV relationship show. Enter too-charming, too-sexy co-anchor Hawk Hunter. Hawk’s ideas for the show are all wrong. And Renata plans on telling him so.just as soon as she finishes falling for him.

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“Denny said he thinks he could squeeze some money out of the budget,” Renata said hopefully.

“If we’re good enough, they’ll pay for us. That’s television,” Hawk said. “We just have to blow ’em out of the water and they won’t dump either of us.”

“Right. Great. That’s exactly what I was thinking.” It seemed impossible that Hawk could mean what he’d just said, but there was no duplicity in his eyes.

“We just have to prove that we belong together,” Hawk said.

Renata’s breath hitched. We belong together. The words hovered in the air between them like beautiful butterflies.

“On the show,” Hawk finished, shooing them away.

“Sure. Of course. The show.”

“Good” Hawk reached to shake on it, his eyes holding hers. She took his hand. Warmth zoomed through her, fast, on nerve pathways prepared by past experience. His eyes held hers, his gaze a heat lamp warming her all over. Her heart thumped in a strange rhythm, her skin tingled and her toes went numb.

Hawk tilted his chin toward her and she noticed his teeth were very white, his jaw straight and strong, he had a hint of a dimple on one cheek and he wanted to kiss her. He wanted to kiss her.

Omigod! Panic seized her and she pushed herself back in her chair as if she were on a carnival ride.

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“Ms. Atkins pens a hilarious and witty romance with ANCHOR THAT MAN!”
-The Word on Romance

“Dawn Atkins’s ANCHOR THAT MAN! is a lighthearted, pleasing story offering some truly touching moments and an appealing pair of lovers.”
-Romantic Times

“Dawn Atkins creates a tale filled with mixed emotions and sharply contrasting characters. Highly recommended.”