Lipstick On His Collar

lipstickcoverHarlequin Temptation
ISBN 0373259956
September 2002

Seduction the second time around

A year ago Nick Ryder and Miranda Chase shared a steamy night that left more than just a few lipstick marks on his collar. When she didn’t return his calls, Nick got the message loud and clear … this high-class woman wanted nothing more from a lowly cop. Yet they’ve met again, and Miranda needs his investigative talents. He can’t refuse the tempting Miranda, but he can stay out of her bed. Or at least try …

Miranda struggled to forget gorgeous Nick Ryder–he didn’t call and she thought he wasn’t interested. Now he’s back–as sexy and irresistible as ever–and his hot glances are saying he wants another night. But he keeps insisting that this is strictly business. That means Miranda is going to have to sharpen her lipstick and entice him … because she’s not about to let him get away twice!

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Nick followed the trail of rose petals. They led straight to Miranda’s bedroom, lit with clusters of flickering candles. Soft jazz played and the air smelled of roses mixed with vanilla and spices. The trail of rose petals led to the bed where Miranda lay.

She was on her side in a suggestive pose, wearing white lingerie, transparent except for leafy vines that coyly covered her. She was breathtakingly beautiful–she looked like erotic innocence. And she was trying to seduce him.

His capacity to think went south and his vow to resist her evaporated. Desire pounded through him and all he wanted was to put his hands all over her. Now.

She tossed her hair over her shoulder. “I thought we might finish what we started..”

Who was he to fight her? He crossed the room, yanking off his clothes as he moved.

I poured you a bath,” she murmured.

“Honey, if you think I’d let a bath come between me and you looking like that, think again!”

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“Delightful comedic feast! Very highly recommended. Once again author Dawn Atkins proves her deft ability for combining an amusing romantic romp with sensual interludes in LIPSTICK ON HIS COLLAR. These dynamic characterizations address the modern questions of priorities and social status with verve as Miranda and Nick match wits. Outrageous antics, such as Miranda’s tackling of a burglar and the over abundance of sprained ankles, make for a marvelous read, making LIPSTICK ON HIS COLLAR come very highly recommended.”
– Wordweaving

“LIPSTICK ON HIS COLLAR by Dawn Atkins is a fun, sexy romp of a romance. This is the first book that I’ve read by Dawn Atkins and I’ll be sure to seek out her previous releases as well as any future ones. LIPSTICK ON HIS COLLAR is a highly entertaining, enjoyable read and I recommend that you run out and pick up a copy immediately and see just what Ms. Atkins has to offer. You won’t be disappointed!”
– Romance and Friends

“A sexy little romp about a chance meeting, LIPSTICK ON HIS COLLAR is just that. Nick and Miranda are perfect for each other, if they can just get past a couple of issues. .LIPSTICK ON HIS COLLAR is simply outstanding, and not one to be missed.”
– The Word on Romance

“By turns sexy and funny, what’s most remarkable is Ms. Atkins’s handling of the hero, who in less skilled hands could have become just another burned-out cop.”
– Romantic Times, Four Stars