The Cowboy Fling

cowboyflingHarlequin Temptation
ISBN 0373259719
March 2002

There’s something about this cowboy.

Lacey Wellington is out to change her life. And sexy cowboy Max McLane is the perfect man for the hot fling she has in mind. Problem is, he seems to be the noble kind and is resisting her advances. She’ll just have to prove that she likes footloose and fancy-free cowboys. Funny thing, though, the more she knows about Max, the less cowboy-like he seems.

Max would rather wrangle a spreadsheet than a steer. And he’d give almost anything to never see another saddle again. But he gave his word to her overprotective brother that he would keep an eye on Lacey and keep her out of trouble. So somehow this former accountant has to pretend he’s the cowboy he’s not.while keeping his hands off Lacey!

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“Well. That was certainly refreshing.”

Max climbed out from under the sink and shook the water from his hair. His cheeks gleamed with water and his shirt clung to his muscles.

Water dripped from the ceiling and appliances where the broken faucet had sprayed.

“You’re all wet,” Lacey said, his eyes taking in the clinging shirt, his impressive chest.

“You, too.” Max drew his finger lightly across the front of her blouse. “Black lace. Nice,” he murmured.

A little thrill went through her at the touch of his finger. They stared at each other in longing, the heat between them mounting, creating steam in the damp room.

“You tempt me too much.” His hand cupped her face, his thumb gently brushing her lip.

He kissed her, long and sweet and hard. Just when her knees were about to buckle, he broke it off. “We can’t do this, Lacey. It’s not that simple.”

“Don’t think about it, Max,” she whispered, teasing his mouth with her own. “Just give in.”

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“Newcomer Dawn Atkins has hit a home run with this book. She has added some really funny situations to this story that had this reader laughing out loud. I love the way Ms. Atkins combined humor with the sensual and emotional qualities I have come to expect from a Temptation story. Judging from this first effort with this publisher I would say Ms. Atkins has a bright future at Harlequin. I look forward to her next release.”
-A Romance Review