Wilde For You

wildeforyouHarlequin Temptation
ISBN 0373691904
September 2004

The sexiest man Cricket Wilde never forgot, Tucker Manning, is now an assistant principal…and her boss! One look at him and this science teacher is dying to test if that long-ago chemistry is still there. But he’s gone from Mr. Sizzling to Mr. Strictly-by-the-Book. There’s nothing that Cricket likes more than bending the rules, and Tucker’s cool facade makes her determined to melt the ice. And after a few stolen kisses, it looks as if his inner hottie is making a comeback.

If his little secret gets out, everything Tucker has worked so hard for will come crashing down…including his career plans. Too bad there’s no way that he can resist Cricket’s wild sexiness. Once they hit the sheets, he’s tossing caution to the wind just to be with her. So when word of their private affair leaks out, will Tucker reveal the one thing that will keep them together in bedded bliss

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“This is killing me, Cricket,” he whispered.

He put his other hand to her cheek, cupping her face in both hands now.

“You mean the you-know?” she asked

“Yes,” Tucker said, tilting his head. “We can’t do this.” He moved in.

“No, we can’t,” she said standing on her toes, tipping up her mouth. It was as if some terrific force field pulled them together.

“This would be bad.”

“I know,” she said, moving closer. “Very bad.” As desperate as she was for his mouth, for that hot, dissolving feeling, she would not be the one who kissed first. She couldn’t be. He was married. Unhappily, according to his wife, but still. He had to be the one to make the first move.

He wouldn’t do it, she saw.

But she definitely would. With that thought, she grabbed his face and pulled his lips to hers.

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“….Dawn Atkins puts a unique twist on the classic pretend-marriage plot in WILDE FOR YOU….”
– Romantic Times

“This is such a fun book, full of interesting characters and settings, lots of romance, and a couple trying to resist each other and failing at every turn. There are many different story lines, the career of teaching is exalted, and there is just an overall good feeling you get while reading every carefully crafted, wonderful word….For a great book with plenty of exuberant romance, laugh-out-loud fun, interesting situations and educational enthusiasm, WILDE FOR YOU will certainly hold your attention and be well worth your while.”
– Romance Reviews Today